The profession of social worker is highly respected in Ukraine

The profession of social worker is highly respected in Ukraine.  This is one of the most difficult professions of the type “person to person”, as social workers are called to help people in difficult life situations.  The decisive criterion for the future social worker is the system of spiritual and ethical values.  The moral attitudes of professional and social work are the universal values of goodness, love, honor, honor, dignity and uniqueness of a person.

During their studies, students have the opportunity to learn different types of social work.  In particular, they are practicing in social institutions, law enforcement agencies, penitentiary institutions, executive authorities on social protection of the population, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, employment centers, public and charitable organizations, geriatric institutions, social and psychological rehabilitation centers.

Graduates of the specialty “Social work» will be able to work:

      • Social educator;
      • Organizer of extracurricular and extracurricular educational work with children;
      • Cultivator of children’s and extra-curricular institutions;
      • Head of the center (youth, rehabilitation, correctional, etc.);
      • Teacher of social and pedagogical disciplines;
      • Social worker;
      • Employee of social services, organizations and institutions of social services;
      • Organizer of social activity who develops and implements social projects;
      • Conflict specialist who is able to manage conflict situations.
      • Specialist in providing social services in state and non-governmental organizations;

The clients of the social worker are: children in educational establishments, extracurricular establishments, various categories of families, including problem families, socially vulnerable groups (street children and orphans, orphans, pensioners, refugees, the unemployed, etc.); people with functional disabilities; prisoners and those who have returned from prison.

If you are not indifferent to disadvantaged people, ready to help them, you will find interesting and meaningful specialty education.